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Thorn – Illuminating Spaces with Efficiency and Design Excellence

Founded in England in 1928, Thorn Lighting has since developed a worldwide presence and an esteemed reputation for delivering the most innovative lighting solutions. As a global leader, they cater to a variety of sectors, including public, commercial, and industrial.

Thorn Lighting’s primary goal is to provide innovative, high-quality, and energy-efficient lighting solutions that make people feel comfortable, safer, and more productive. This is, reflected in their tagline, ‘We Set the Scene,’ which illustrates their commitment to enhancing life through light.

Serving as your partner for comprehensive lighting solutions, Thorn Lighting takes a holistic approach to light, using it as a creative medium that can shape space, inspire action, and transform environments. From indoor to outdoor lighting, they combine cutting-edge technology and design to deliver versatile, sustainable, and user-centric solutions.

While globally recognized, Thorn Lighting prides itself on understanding the unique needs of different markets. By merging global innovation with local knowledge, they ensure that their products meet the specific requirements of various regions, environments, and applications.

Thorn Lighting is dedicated to developing solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also enhance people’s lives and help to conserve the planet. With their innovative, high-quality, and energy-efficient lighting, they are setting the scene for the future of lighting, making them a trusted choice for anyone seeking the best in lighting solutions.