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Prysmian Cables

Prysmian Cables – Leading the World in Cable Technology and Systems

Established in Italy, Prysmian Group is a global frontrunner in the industry of energy and telecommunication cable system solutions. As the world’s largest manufacturer of cables, they offer an extensive range of products for diverse sectors such as construction, energy, telecommunication, transport, and specialty cables.

At the heart of Prysmian Group is the commitment to facilitate progress worldwide by connecting people, businesses, and countries. This devotion is reflected in their slogan, ‘Linking the future’, expressing their dedication to promoting global connectivity and facilitating a better future.

Prysmian Group’s mission is to be your reliable partner for cable technology and systems. They enhance your technological experience by delivering a comprehensive range of high-quality cables and innovative solutions, ensuring optimal and seamless performance for all your projects.

Despite having a global reach, Prysmian Group takes pride in its localized approach to business. With 104 plants, 25 research and development centers, and operations in over 50 countries, they can meet global needs while also understanding local requirements. Advocating for industry standards and sustainability, they are committed to offering reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly products.

Prysmian Group is not just a cable manufacturer – they are a global partner committed to driving progress and facilitating global connectivity. By offering state-of-the-art cable technologies and integrated solutions, they enable businesses and individuals to meet their operational needs, enhance their capabilities, and pave the way for the future. Their commitment to customer service, vast product range, and innovative approach makes them the preferred choice for customers in need of cable solutions.