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Ovia Lighting – Illuminating Spaces with Style and Efficiency

Established in Ireland, Ovia Lighting is a leading name in the lighting industry, offering a wide range of high-quality and innovative lighting products. They cater to a multitude of sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, and specialist areas, enhancing and brightening spaces across the globe.

Ovia Lighting is built on the pillars of innovation, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Their motto, ‘Lighting the Future’, is a testament to their determination to stay ahead in the industry by constantly introducing cutting-edge lighting solutions that transform spaces and enrich lives.

The company’s mission is to serve as a reliable partner for comprehensive and advanced lighting solutions. They strive to offer a diverse portfolio of lighting products by seamlessly merging superior technology, customer-focused design, and sustainable practices. From indoor to outdoor lighting, Ovia Lighting’s range of products meets the diverse needs of its clients, always ensuring superior quality and performance.

While enjoying a wide global reach, Ovia Lighting takes pride in its local approach to doing business. They provide customer-focused and responsive support through their extensive distribution network, ensuring timely availability and professional assistance to their clients. As firm believers in open collaboration and industry standards, they are committed to offering innovative, quality, and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions that improve people’s lives.

Ovia Lighting is more than just a manufacturer of lighting products. They strive to create environments, enhance spaces, and bring life to homes and workplaces with their reliable, high-performance, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Their relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has set them apart as a globally recognized name in the lighting industry.

Eco Friendly🍃 & Sustainable Lighting💡 with the Inceptor Milli – Ovia Lighting

Introducing the Inceptor Milli, an innovative range of fire rated domestic downlights that seamlessly blend style and functionality. KEY FEATURES: ✨ Standard & Baffle Version ✨ Multiple Finishes ✨ Power Switchable ✨ Twist Insulation Cover ✨ CCT Switch ✨ Broad Cut-out range …. and MORE!