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Hager Group

Hager Group – A Trusted Partner for Innovative Electrical Solutions

Founded in 1955, the Hager Group is a leading international manufacturer of innovative electrical installation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company is headquartered in Blieskastel, Germany, with an extensive global presence spanning over 120 countries worldwide.

At the heart of Hager Group’s operations lies the commitment to enhance and simplify the lives of its customers by providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative electrical solutions. The company’s vision is encapsulated in its ethos of ‘Hager, up to you’ – a pledge to empower its customers with the flexibility and control they need in their electrical installations.

Hager Group’s mission is to serve as your preferred partner for electrical solutions. They achieve this by seamlessly integrating advanced technologies into intuitive, user-centric products, ranging from energy distribution systems and building automation to security systems and digital solutions. This comprehensive approach ensures efficient management of electrical needs across a spectrum of sectors, including residential homes, office buildings, industrial facilities, and public infrastructure.

Despite its global footprint, Hager Group prides itself on its local approach to doing business. A fervent advocate for open standards and collaborative ecosystems, the company is deeply committed to its shared values of innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity. These principles are reflected in the quality of the solutions they deliver and the partnerships they nurture.

In summary, the Hager Group is more than just an electrical solutions provider. They are a company that is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through innovative technology, superior quality, and exceptional customer service.