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BEG Luxomat

The Legacy of B.E.G. Luxomat

B.E.G Luxomat

The Legacy of B.E.G. Luxomat

Rooted in a commitment to innovation and enduring quality, B.E.G. Luxomat has been a trusted name in the realm of building automation and systems technology. Established as a medium-sized electrical engineering company, B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH, based in Lindlar near Cologne, has flourished since 1975 as a family-run enterprise, renowned for its dedication to comfort, energy savings, and safety.

Mission and Innovation

B.E.G. Luxomat’s mission resonates with a contemporary relevance: to champion the reduction of climate emissions through the integration of innovative, energy-efficient products and solutions. Their journey, marked by decades of quality and innovation, has seen the development of occupancy detectors, motion detectors, sensors, and actuators that seamlessly control lighting, room temperature, air quality, ventilation, and shading, enhancing the convenience and energy efficiency of buildings.

Global Reach and Customer-Centric Approach

With a global presence marked by 13 foreign branches and a dedicated team of over 260 employees, B.E.G. Luxomat prides itself on its close customer relationships and worldwide accessibility. Their approach is characterized by a flexible, customer-oriented planning and development strategy, enriched by specialized advice for networked products, ensuring that each customer’s unique needs are met with precision and care.

A Journey Through Time: Milestones

B.E.G. Luxomat’s history is woven with significant milestones that reflect its evolution and growth. From the inception of emergency luminaires production in 1975 to the establishment of branches worldwide, each chapter of their journey signifies a commitment to innovation and quality. Notable milestones include the development of the first occupancy detectors with brightness sensors in 2000, the expansion of their European sales and logistics center in 2007, and the introduction of a semi-automatic storage system in 2020 to enhance logistics processes.

Community and Environmental Commitment

B.E.G. Luxomat nurtures a profound commitment to community well-being and environmental sustainability. Their vision encompasses various initiatives and partnerships aimed at fostering a positive impact on society and promoting a sustainable future for the next generation of innovators and users.