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ROBUS – Companion in Premium Lighting Solutions

Founded in 1984 in Dublin, Ireland, ROBUS is an international brand recognized for its comprehensive range of lighting solutions. They are an industry leader in designing innovative, energy-efficient lighting products that cater to various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

ROBUS’s primary mission is to enhance everyday life through sustainable illumination, connecting the power of efficient lighting with the comfort and functionality of living and working spaces. This concept is encapsulated in their slogan, ‘Lighting for a Brighter World’.

Their role is to serve as your companion in premium lighting solutions. ROBUS propels lighting innovation by seamlessly blending top-tier design and energy technology, integrating individual products, control mechanisms, and services from their initial creation to the consumer. This integrated approach enables cohesive lighting management across a variety of sectors, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and diverse industries.

Even with its global reach, ROBUS takes pride in its localized business approach. As fervent advocates for sustainable practices and collaborative ecosystems, they are passionately committed to their shared values of enhancing lives, delivering quality, and empowering individuals and businesses worldwide.