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Philips – A Partner for Modern Technology and Quality

Founded in the Dutch town of Eindhoven in 1891, Philips is a global corporation with an emphasized focus on electronic products and lighting solutions. They lead the industry in crafting innovative technologies and solutions for various sectors, including personal care, health technology, home appliances, and especially, lighting.

Philips’ central aim is to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation, bridging the gap between advanced technology and the quality of everyday life. This principle is embedded in their motto, ‘Innovation and You’.

Their mission is to serve as your ally for modern technology and quality. Philips drives innovation by seamlessly integrating advanced technology and design into user-centric solutions, linking individual products, control mechanisms, software, and services from their inception to the consumer. This comprehensive approach facilitates cohesive management of technology across a range of sectors, including personal homes, healthcare facilities, offices, and various industries.

While having a global presence, Philips prides itself on its localized approach to business. As enthusiastic advocates for open standards and collaborative ecosystems, they are passionately committed to their shared values of improving lives, delivering quality, and empowering people everywhere.