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Knipex – A Specialist Partner for Quality and Precision

Established in Germany, Knipex is a globally recognized company predominantly dedicated to the creation of pliers, wrenches, and other specialized tools. As a specialist in the industry, they are renowned for designing and producing top-notch tools for various sectors, including professional trades, DIY enthusiasts, and everyday carry (EDC) users.

The underlying principle of Knipex is to provide everyone with the ability to perform their tasks efficiently and precisely, thereby crafting a bridge between functionality and durability. They have encapsulated this ideology in their motto, ‘The Pliers Specialist’.

Their mission is to act as your specialist partner for quality and precision. Knipex facilitates this by innovatively merging traditional crafting methods with modern manufacturing technology, connecting individual tool components from start to finish throughout their entire life cycle. This integrated approach promotes consistent quality across a diverse range of tools, including cutting, gripping, and deforming tools for various industries and individual users.

Though its reach is global, Knipex takes pride in its localized approach to business. As enthusiastic advocates for high-quality standards and craftsmanship, they are passionately committed to their shared values of precision, innovation, and excellence.