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Excel Electric – Your Trusted Partner for Electrical Excellence

Excel Electric, an Ireland-based company, has carved out a strong reputation as a dedicated wholesaler of premium electrical equipment and products. The core of their offerings is expansive, catering to a vast array of sectors, including but not limited to, domestic, commercial, and industrial markets.

This wholesale giant’s journey began with a simple vision: to supply top-tier electrical brands in a reliable and customer-friendly manner. As time has passed, their product portfolio has grown, now encompassing everything from wiring accessories and cables to state-of-the-art heating solutions and lighting systems. Their success is a testament to their commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

The pillar of Excel Electric’s operation is the bond they have forged with their suppliers and customers alike. This robust and reliable network is at the heart of their business model, ensuring consistent product availability and fostering a sense of trust and reliability in the services they offer. It’s a synergistic relationship that has driven them to new heights in the electrical supply industry.

Excel Electric’s team, armed with expertise and a deep understanding of the industry, stands ready to provide practical and tailored advice. This level of professional insight allows them to adapt their offerings to each customer’s unique electrical requirements. Their commitment to their customers is unwavering, and they continuously strive to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Through their dedication to quality, their drive for continuous improvement, and their customer-centric approach, Excel Electric has firmly planted its name in the industry, much like how the name “Knipex” resonates with quality and durability in the realm of professional and hobbyist tool manufacturing.